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Seismic Wave Velocity Profiling using Down Hole Tomography/ Down Hole Survey


This method is applied for determination of the interval velocities from arrival times and relative arrival times of compression (P) and vertically (SV) and horizontally (SH) polarized shear (S) seismic waves which are generated near surface and travel down to an array of vertically installed seismic sensors. Seismic Down Hole Tomography method provides accurate in-situ P and S wave velocities essential for use in geotechnical foundation designs. The results are used in analyses of soil behavior in both static and dynamic loads where elastic constants are input variables into the models defining different states of deformations such as elastic, elasto-plastic, and failure. Another use of estimated shear wave velocities in geotechnical design is in liquefaction assessment of soils.



The Company provides the following services using Down Hole survey in India for various engineering and environmental projects:

  • Profiling of in-situ seismic (P & S) wave velocities
  • Liquefaction analyses, deformation studies, and investigations concerning amplification and attenuation of ground motion
  • Site response modeling for earthquake engineering and structural design

The Company follows ASTM International Standard Designation D7400-14 Guide in acquisition, processing and interpretation of Down Hole Survey data.