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Gaveshana Geosciences Pvt Ltd

About Us

Gaveshana Geosciences Private Limited (GGPL) is a leading service provider for near-surface geophysical surveys, geotechnical investigations, and geodetic surveys in infrastructure and oil & gas sectors.

Managed by highly experienced oil & gas professional, the Company provides services in the following application areas:

    • Sub-Surface Utility Engineering Using Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPR Survey)
    • Near Surface Geophysical Measurements (Seismic Refraction Survey, Electrical Resistivity Survey, Seismic Cross-Hole / Down-hole / Up-Hole Surveys, Magnetic Surveys)
    • Geodetic Surveys (oil & gas, transmission line, pipeline)

Our Services

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface investigation using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR Survey), Induction Locators etc is a non-destructive technique to

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Seismic Cross-Hole Survey

The Seismic Cross-Hole Survey yields detailed measurements of in-situ compressional and shear

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Seismic Down-Hole Survey

This method is applied for determination of the interval velocities from arrival times and

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Seismic Refraction Survey

Seismic Refraction measurements find applications in mapping near surface

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Electrical Resistivity Tomography

DC resistivity techniques, sometimes referred to as Electrical Resistivity (ER),

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Geodetic Surveys

Geodetic Surveys are conducted for various end uses, such as, route alignments, laying of

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GGPL provides Geotechnical services includingin-situ Geotechnical field ...

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